Limor Suss is an entertaining and lifestyle expert with an infectious smile who has appeared on almost every national and local TV morning show across the country! 


Limor is always on the pulse of what's hot and coming down the pipeline!  Limor is your go-to girl when it comes to finding the perfect gift for any occasion, easy peasy entertaining and recipes,  getting kids out to school, the newest toys, and how to get hair and makeup ready in 5 min! 

Limor Suss has spent over 10 years on or around television shows, either behind the scenes or on camera.


Limor knows integrated marketing like no other. She understands that people don't want to be sold something, they want to know what to do with it and how to use it!  Limor will always have a viewer takeaway and thrives on being the best in her field!   

Limor is booked often and early, so what are you waiting for?    Need her to produce the content too, no problem!   


Limor is a mom of two boys, usually lives on very little sleep, but always lives her life to the fullest!